Lithuania orienteering championships in long and sprint distances 2014!

On the 6-7th of september, Lithuania orienteering championships were held in Prienai, in the middle of Lithuania. On the 6th of september the sprint distance took part in Prienai centre. From the early morning all elite(men’s and women’s 21 group) came to the sprint qualification which was organised 2km from the finals in the typical living area with high buildings. In the qualification, in first group Vilius Aleliūnas and Andrej Gerasimov managed to get to the finals. In the second heat – Martynas Tirlikas. The fortune didin’t came to Paulius Aleliūnas because of too slow running and only B final was left to him.

Paulius in qualification


Qualification results


Sprint finals:

In the midday, at 3pm, all other groups, except elite, had their start in sprint distance. This year good shape demonstrated Aidas Katarskis who in men’s 35 group took bronze medal! Dainoras Saunorius in men’s 40 group needed a little bit of luck, because he manged to take 4th place, just 1 second behind the bronze medal! Artūras Visockas in men’s 45 group manged to finish in 7th place. After all groups start, at 5pm, started elite groups start! From the good qualification results all team members had late start minutes. The first from the team started Andrej Gerasimov, who had a bad race, because of the lack of energy and managed to get only 17th place. Martynas Tirlikas had some problems with route choices in the first part, but pushed hard to the finish and took 3rd place!! Vilius Aleliūnas started almost from the back and also had some mistakes in the course, but did well in the end and finished in 2nd place! Congratulations all medalists!!


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Sprint results


Long distance:

Next day, on the 7th September, Long distance start was held near Prienai, in Birštonas municipality, Siponys forest. Paulius and Vilius didn’t took part in this event, because Paulius had savo work at home, and Vilius was running in Latvia’s orienteering championship in relay distance with Artūrs Paulinš and Artjoms Rekunenko. In men’s elite group Andrej surprisingly did a very good race, he did some bigger mistakes in the middle part of the course, but still finished in 8th place! Martynas was running in men’s 20 group, but he wasn’t recovered from sprint distance and had a very bad race with only 13th place at the finish line. In men’s 35 group Aidas took 8th place, and in men’s 40 group, Dainoras had a very solid race: after 12,2km long course he won a bronze medal! Artūras closed a top 10 in men’s 45 group.

We want to say thank you for photographers and sponsors and for the whole team, because this weekend they demonstrated really good results! Congratulations for them!

Andrej in the long distance Aidas in the start


Results(long distance)

Vilius thoughts about these championships


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